5 Ways To Be Healthier At Uni

University is probably one of the most unhealthy times of our lives with all the drinking and ready meals. I try to stay healthy because I have become passionate about Health and Fitness. Here are some of my tips that could help you be a little bit kinder to your body:

1. Join a gym and pay for it yourself.

I have done this and it works a treat! Joining a gym and having to pay for it monthly out of your tight student budget is a fab way to motivate yourself. You could even work out how much it costs you a day to go. If your gym membership is £25 per month that’s just under £1 a day that you’re losing if you don’t go! Or think of it as the price of a vodka shot on your next night out…wasted! My favourite quote is ‘It takes 21 days. 21 days of doing exercise for it to become a habit’ honestly it’s true!

2. Meal prep.

You’re more likely to stick to a healthier diet when you have decided what you’re going to eat for the next week or next few days in advance. Instead of nipping to the supermarket on your way home from uni and allowing your stomach to decide what you want to eat rather than your brain. It should save you money too!

3. Switch up your drinks.

Obviously alcohol is going to be a major calorie intake for students and it’s not like you’re going to be willing to stop drinking or let’s be honest, even cut down! That’s what uni’s all about, right? Why not just change your drink of choice to a less calorific one. For example, a single gin and slimline tonic has 56 cals. A vodka and slimline tonic has 64 cals. Compared to large glass of wine which is 160 cals and a pint of larger 180 cals. Less than half!!


4. Don’t skip meals and drink your 2000!

Some people think that not eating much will make you lose weight or stay at a constant weight but this is simply not the case. The body needs food in order for the body to keep your metabolism going. If you do not eat the body simply shuts down the metabolism. It also reduces your muscles as the body breaks them down for energy, meaning you’ll be less toned as a result. I eat 5 small meals a day to keep my metabolism performing at its maximum rate! I also drink 2000ml of water minimum a day to aid my metabolism and keep my body healthy and energised. It so important to drink water especially when you are drinking alcohol regularly as you will get so dehydrated. The water must be cold to reap the best benefits.

This water bottle is from Hydratem8 and is absolutely amazing to make sure you get through your 2L of water a day. Just take it to lectures with you and sip away a little at a time. All done by 6pm when you can switch to the alcoholic drinks and dehydrate yourself all over again!!

5. Don’t forget about your mind.

Your mental health is just as important, if not more important than your physical health! I have suffered from poor mental health in the past and have discovered a few ways to stay in control. Go for a walk regularly! I walk to uni which is perfect to get fresh air and refresh myself daily.

Have some me time. Take time out of your busy uni schedule (not!) and pamper yourself! Have a relaxing bath if you have the luxury of one, do your nails, read a magazine or cook for example, whatever you find most relaxing make sure you have time in your week to do these things.

Don’t stress over uni work. Plan your work ahead of time to avoid this! As a very anxious person myself, I have to do this everyday or I find it very difficult to not feel stressed and anxious constantly.

Socialise, being around others that bring positive energy into your life can really help to reduce stress levels and take your mind off things. Don’t socialise with people who are negative or it will only emphasise your stress and may make you feel very low. Trust me I’ve experienced this, and no, you don’t have to be friends with anyone, it’s your choice.

Finally, back to tip 1, exercise. It’s amazing what exercise does for your mental health! The cortisol is removed from the brain and you are flooded with endorphins. It puts you in an unbelievable mood and will also make you more productive with your uni work. If you’re stuck on an essay, hit the gym and then come back to it. You’ll thank me later! Another of my favourite quotes –  ‘I really regret doing that workout’ said no one ever!

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