Overwhelming Responses

The reaction to my recent post about my personal struggle with anxiety was far greater than I could ever have imagined. It was so overwhelming the amount of supportive comments and likes I had, which made me realise even more how I am not alone and also what great family and friends I have. What made the hard and somewhat embarrassing post worthwhile was the amount of messages I received from fellow sufferers telling me their own stories. These stories came from people of all ages and from people I do not even know personally – which was in some way, even more amazing.


Many of the messages were saying thank you for helping people to realise that they themselves are not alone and also people thanking me for helping them understand more about anxiety disorder. This is exactly why I sat down and typed my feelings out into words, to try and spread awareness and to help others.

Its so unfair the amazing people that have to suffer with this life destryoing disorder as well as living with depression. The stories I read were so heartbreaking and it was hard reading how this terrible disorder completely takes over peoples lives. I was so touched by peoples words and all I can say is thank you to everyone who showed their support.

If you are suffering with anxiety or depression, all I would say to you is to talk about it. You need to seek help in order to get better. It is working for me! There are setbacks, I’ve even had a few this week and to be honest its f*cking frustrating, but I’m getting there. Try, try and try again, right? I will beat this and so will you!



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