What I Wore And Got Up To In Rome

Finishing our first year of Uni meant that James and I wanted to make the most of our time off to travel to a few different places, the first being Rome! I’ve been dying to head back to Rome for years after first visiting the capital when I was younger, so we made my dream a reality last week.

A 7am flight got us into Rome for 11:30am, allowing us to make the most of our first day in the city! We stayed in The Hotel Dei Borgia which was on offer on an amazing website called voyageprive.com, as it was a fabulous price and very centrally located. After a short bag drop at the hotel, we headed into the city centre and stumbled across the Trevi Fountain just by following a large crowd of people!


This is a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art that you must go see whilst in Rome. The intricacy of the stone carving is unbelievable. We visited the attraction at mid-day and it was very busy. We were still able to fight our way to the front to get uninterrupted pictures without too much of a fuss, but I’ve been told going before 9:30am or late at night ensures less crowds if you want some even more amazing pictures. Do be careful of your belongings in this area though because there are apparently lots of pick-pocketers around!

The first day I took full advantage of the sun and wore a military style skirt from Self Portrait, a navy floaty top from Isabel Marant, Gucci sandals and a Valentino khaki bag.


For lunch we decided to just head to any restaurant that we thought looked nice with outdoor seating. There were a lot that we ate at over the course of the trip and all were equally amazing! That’s Italy for you! Eating outside in the sun is just an even more amazing perk of being abroad. James spotted one that sold a litre of beer for 10 euros so obviously we went there. To say it was just a small eatery on the side of the street we had one of the best pizzas we’ve ever had, topped off with a load of beer and wine, totalling 26 euros, we were very happy!



Our next stop was the Spanish steps, another landmark in the city centre that Rome is famous for. These beautiful steps are lovely to get some pictures on, not the most breathtaking thing about the city but worth a visit if you are in the centre because they’re flooded with crowds in the middle of the day. However, we did stumble across an amazing bar serving pale rosé, (something thats very hard to find in Italy) that over looked the Spanish Steps. It was full the first day we got there, but we headed back on our last day and it’s definitely worth a visit! The city centre is also home to every shop you could ever dream of, so we spent a few hours browsing different stores until we got too hot and decided to head back to the hotel!



We’relocals.com is a fabulous website that do tours of Rome in a 1960s Fiat500, so at 6pm we ventured out with the lovely Alessandro to discover the less well known parts of the city! We were taken to all the amazing viewpoints and a beautiful orange tree garden that we would not have known about ourselves. At the end of the 2 hour tour he dropped us at a pizza restaurant in the Trastevere district called ‘Ivo a Trastevere’ and it served delicious Italian dishes accompanied by lovely wines and cocktails. This district is perfect if you want to stay out late drinking as its home to lots of cheap bars. Also, during the day the small Italian leather and book shops are worth an explore!

I wore a snakeskin midi dress from Karen Millen which is now one of my favourites, I loved wearing it, with some white and black Topshop shoes and a Chanel bag.



The second day we decided to try and be a bit more cultural and head to the colosseum! We got there around 10am and found some spots high up to get some good pictures in front of the landmark before heading inside! If you get to the colosseum before 11am, there is no need to purchase a queue jump ticket as people try and flog them to you on the street for triple the price of the regular ticket, telling you the queue is 2 hours long…we got in in 15 minutes and got a student discount 2for1 on tickets too!



This beautiful amphitheatre is one of the 7 wonders of the world and it is no surprise due to how impressive it is in real life. If I was to go back I would probably do a tour or use a radio guide to tell me more about the building as you don’t get much information just going round yourself, although it is breathtaking! You have to visit the colosseum if you go to Rome.

Despite it being another popular tourist spot, we decided to not go to the Vatican as it is something we were not interested in seeing and takes up nearly a whole day to go round due to the crowds.

I wore a black cut out playsuit by Alexander Wang which I’ve had for years and is one of my favourite items of clothing I own, paired with a Monica Vinader chain, Chanel bag and Stan Smiths in the white and grey colour-way.

After a morning of wondering the Colosseum and its grounds we had worked up an appetite and so we took a walk back into town for some lunch. That’s the good thing about Rome, everything is within walking distance! We ate again in a street restaurant and James had yet more pizza, but I opted for some parma ham and a tomato bruschetta. Yum! We spent the rest of the afternoon wondering round and eating ice cream from the amazing parlour called Venchi, it has a melted chocolate wall, and the ice cream was to die for!



That evening we decided to see if we could find a restaurant that over looked the Colosseum considering our hotel was a short 15 minute walk from there! The venue we ate at had the most stunning view of the Colosseum, that looked even more amazing lit up at night. We sat and people watched, many getting wedding photos taken and of course lots of selfies! The food wasn’t the best where we ate but we let that slide just because of the amazing location and how lucky we were to get a table!


The third day was a bit disappointing, we woke up to torrential rain, but James ran to the corner shop which luckily had 2 umbrellas left and we headed out into the centre once again! We would have liked to visit the Pantheon, which I’ve heard to be beautiful, but the rain put us off. So instead we decided to visit the shopping streets, trying to stay indoors as much as we could. Don’t buy anything in Italy if you’re not sure about it, because most shops do not accept returns, only exchanges! One thing I learnt after buying quite a few things without trying them on first!!



Despite the rain, I was again wearing a skirt. This time a denim one from River Island which is unfortunately sold out but it keeps coming back in stock, so keep an eye out! I paired it with my white Stan’s again, a Gucci tee from last year and my Chanel bag. Oh, an a pink umbrella too!

The sun graced us with its presence in the afternoon, so we ran to the bar we found above the Spanish Steps called ‘Il Palazzetto’. Luckily we got one of the last tables, enjoyed a bottle of Rosé and took in the views. For dinner that night we went to a street restaurant located in the Piazza Navona and enjoyed a massive sharing pizza the size of the table! Thinking about it is making my mouth water…


We of course stopped at Giolotti, the famous ice cream parlour in Rome and got our last ice cream!! You have to go here, it was amazing but there’s always a queue out the door!

If this post has given you some inspiration to visit Rome please let me know in the comments! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my little weekend away.

Liss x

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