How to dress well at Uni

Now, most students don’t really care what they look like during lectures and roll in at 9am in sweats and a top knot. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that and I too have had those days, but mainly I like to have key interchangeable outfits planned so, I can look stylish every day. After living in a small space for my first year and taking too many clothes, I definitely have a better understanding of what I actually wear and therefore need, clothes-wise in my flat this year. This blog post will give you some key pieces of clothing to take with you to uni, as well as styling advice on how to wear them so you can look effortlessly stylish, even if you did get in at 4:30am the night before!

Uni starts in September and generally, the weather in the UK starts to go downhill and get very cold over the next few months so, these outfits will be based around winter dressing.

  1. A tie belt coat

I think this item is the best thing to have in your winter wardrobe. Generally, the wrap style suits most body shapes and allows you to look put together, even if you have tracksuit bottoms on underneath! Go for a black, navy or grey so its easy to pair with loads of different pieces. I would wear this with a complementary coloured scarf, jeans and trainers to look more casual and with leather trousers and boots if I wanted to look smarter. You could also wear it over a leather mini skirt or day dress on a sunnier day and show off your amazing legs! My khaki one is from River Island. Zara have a lovely navy tie belt coat in at the moment and similar styles can be found in black and camel from places such as H&M and Primark.

2. Dark wash jeans

Again, an essential for university. I think that dark wash jeans look a lot nicer than light wash jeans. I think the best jeans on the high street are from Zara or H&M, I don’t personally like the material that the Topshop jeans are made out of and you can instantly tell when someone is wearing a pair of their jeans. Jeans can obviously be paired with anything. Rolled up with a pair of Stan Smiths or tucked into a pair of ankle boots. Wear them with some lovely floaty tops and the tie waist coat mentioned above or, a skinny roll neck jumper on colder days. If you want to push the boat out a bit further, try a pair or dark denim or black flares to make you look even more edgy and super tall!


3. Roll neck Jumpers

A roll neck jumper is the comfiest, cosiest thing to throw on on a cold morning. It looks great on most people and if you get a few in colours such as camel, black and grey, they can be worn with the same coat and make each outfit look very different. If you are paler go for a dark grey, black and navy colours and darker skin tones can go for more camel/mustard colours or even cream. John Lewis do grey cheap cashmere ones on the high street as well as H&M.


4. Leather trousers

Even leather look trousers can look amazingly stylish as long as you get a good pair. Look in places such as Zara and Topshop for leather look leggings or & Other Stories/ Whistles do great real leather pairs for around £200 if you want to invest in a good pair. I have an amazing pair from All Saints that I would highly recommend, if you maybe have an upcoming birthday or Christmas present to ask for. They are so versatile and can be worn with boots, trainers and any top and coat. I recommend sticking to a plain black pair, as you will definitely get your cost per wear from them.

5. A pair of trainers

I like the good old Stan Smiths, I know everyone and their mum has them but, they just look great and are a nice affordable high-street trainer. I hate having clothes that everyone has but, they do them in so many different colour variations now that you can get some more unique ones. Many other stores are starting to do their own trainers such as Zara and & Other Stories. For a more designer version try Golden Goose Deluxe Brand or Axel Arigato.


6. Ankle boots

Everyone knows you need a pair of ankle boots in the colder months. They’re a great investment and something you can wear year on year. I love the style of the Chloe Susanna’s and I even saw a dupe of them in Primark! If not, why not try a velvet pair this season instead of regular black leather, or on maybe go for some detail such as pearls or studs. Zara have some fabulous pairs at the moment and I picked up a pair from there which you can see in the photo.


7. Printed tees

Everyone has t shirts in their wardrobe but why not go out an treat yourself to some new ones that are a bit smarter and grab more interest. I like ones in black and white with slogans on. Easily worn under a blazer or jumper to add an extra layer. Great styles can be found from Topshop and Whistles. I love the ‘Little Juggernauts’ brand that can be found on too!

IMG_1986 IMG_1987


8. Wool scarf

Grab a good quality wool scarf from as little as £19 from Zara in colours such as navy, camel or grey to wear with your tie belt coat in the cooler months. This is not ground breaking fashion but, make sure you get a nice big one!! Make sure you can wrap it round your neck a good few times.

IMG_1998 IMG_1999

9.  Black blazer

Again, another staple in a wardrobe, not just a uni wardrobe. Normally, a student may not be seen wearing a blazer but I think they look amazing and why not be one to stand out? I love wearing an oversized one with a printed tee and boyfriend jeans with either the trainers or boots or even the leather trousers. One can even be worn with a white tee and grey sweats to smarten them up a bit. Cool!! Get one from Zara or Mango. All Saints and Reiss have more higher quality but, higher price ones too.

10. A printed shirt/blouse

A grey staple thats smarter and more interesting than a t-shirt and great to wear with jeans or leather trousers. Patterns such as stripes or florals are great and go for a colour palette that suits you. Stick to muted tones if you don’t like colour or a more loud print if you aren’t scared of colour and want to get some into your wardrobe! Great ones can be found like mine from Zara, & Other Stories or Mango.

IMG_1984 IMG_1985

These are 10 key items that are all interchangeable and create about 30 different combinations between them! Think about wearing the black blazer with the skirt or tee underneath with a pair of dark wash jeans (boyfriend style would be good), and trainers or boots. You could wear the coat over any item in the list and the tops, bottoms and shoes can all be worn together due to them being from the same colour palette. Easy.

I also like to take with me: A day dress for warmer days to wear with either the trainers or boots. A jumper dress to wear with boots. A cardigan to pair with tees and boyfriend jeans. A tote bag, obviously got to carry your essentials with you! A pair of side stripe jogger style trousers and finally, a pair of smart grey sweats to wear on days when I’m hungover and have to force myself to my lectures! I still like to style them out with a pair of Stans and my coat and scarf combo.

Obviously, I haven’t included all the night out clothes that people will want to take with them and other things like pyjamas and gym gear. These items will just give you a good base for day-time uni life if you have limited space to work with, especially in first year halls.

Thank you for reading, I hope this has given you some inspiration on how to dress if you’re off to university very soon or that you can cut back all the clothes you think you need and how to create a more capsule wardrobe. I will also do a more summer based version around easter time to help when your wardrobe needs transitioning!

Liss x

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