Why you have nothing to wear

We all have them days when we wake up in the morning and say to ourselves that we have nothing to wear, despite being faced with a wardrobe full of clothes to choose from. Not being dramatic, but what you’re wearing is important, not feeling comfortable in your clothes that day can really affect your mood, confidence and productivity. I myself, always feel much better when I have an outfit on I feel great in. This post will help you understand why you don’t know what to wear and how to combat it!


First of all, it could be because of a change of season. It just turning autumnal in the UK and the temperature is finally starting to drop. It’s not cold enough to go all out with the layering and massive coats and we still have the odd really warm day. So, it’s natural that the change of weather is affecting your clothing choices and making you confused.

The second reason is that you could be feeling very uninspired with your current style and wanting to change it up, but not knowing how. This is the moment when most of us would hit the shops, trying to buy pieces that are totally not us and probably end up never wearing. Spending aimlessly is not the solution to your style rut.

However, buying the same sort of clothes you always wear is not the answer either. Having a wardrobe full of plain white shirts and black trousers may mean you know what to wear everyday, but eventually you’ll get bored and end up hating your clothes.

If any of these situations relate to you, keep reading and I’ll tell you how to help yourself and hopefully save you some money along the way. First of all, what I do at the start of every season is go on Pinterest and find outfits that I want to recreate for myself and that I would love to wear. Now, I know I am obsessed with fashion and this might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but once you have an idea of outfits you want to wear and the style you like, you’ll have a better idea of what to buy. Remember, keep in mind that the style you choose also has to fit with your lifestyle, otherwise you’ll eventually revert back to your old ways. If you work in an smart office daily, you may want to think about shift dresses and unique tailoring styles and not slouchy boyfriend jeans and trainers.

Hold on! Before you hit the shops. Take a day out of your busy schedule, yes, a whole day and get everything out of your wardrobe. What can you find that suits your new dream style? An old coat you forgot you had, a top you bought ages ago and didn’t know how to style? These are the pieces you keep and as you go, try to put outfits together that look like the Pinterest images and take photos so you remember! You could even print out the Pinterest pictures and stick them on the inside of your wardrobe door, so you have inspiration right there every morning incase you find yourself stuck again.

Throw away, charity or sell items that you haven’t worn for 12 months, that don’t fit with your new style and you know you aren’t going to wear again. Be brutal and think of what you could sell. The money could be put towards some new pieces for the brand new you! Organise your wardrobe in a way that suits you! You want to be able to see as many as your clothes as possible, so you don’t forget what you’ve got and end up buying more. Think about pieces you wear most often and put these at the front, or do as I do and organise by category and season. Whatever works best for you and your lifestyle.

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This is then when you can go shopping. After you’ve cleared room for some new clothes and hopefully made yourself some money, it’s time to go shopping. You should have an aim of some key seasonal pieces you want to buy. When you were putting outfits together, what were you missing? The perfect scarf? A pair of winter boots? Add what you need to a shopping list and try keep it short.

When you’re shopping, if you have the budget, try to buy key pieces that are good quality. It’s always quality over quantity, which is something I am still learning myself! A black blazer, winter boots and coat are all things that you’ll keep for years and investing in pieces that will last, saves you money in the long run. Most importantly, stick to the list! Don’t buy anything else, especially if it’s not for the season we’re in. You don’t need it now and you’re just wasting money!

Go home and admire your new purchases. Try them on with you other clothes, get a good understanding of what works with them and the outfits that you can create. Repeat this seasonally and you should have the perfect looks for all year round.

I hope this has given you some ideas on how to update your wardrobe when you think you have nothing to wear. If you’re feeling outfaced by this whole process and think you may need some help, I will be launching my new business ‘Alicia Brown Style’ soon. I can help you with wardrobe analysis and personal shopping sessions, all to cultivate your new personal style. Stay tuned!


Liss x

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