A Weekend in Reykjavik

Every year in November, we like to visit a city that we’ve never been too before, to celebrate my birthday. This year, we chose Reykjavik. It’s more adventurous than we’re used too and certainly a lot colder! After a night at Manchester airport stuffing ourselves with pizza, we boarded the plane on Friday morning and headed on our way.

We flew Iceland Air and it was definitely the nicest short haul flight I’ve ever been on, despite the fact that I could hear all the dogs crying in the hold. There was TVs! Yes, TV’s, on a 2 hour flight? Can more airlines start doing this please!!

The plane landed at 4pm, we headed straight to our apartment, before wandering the beautiful streets of Reykjavik to find our restaurant for dinner. The whole city was so cute, every house, restaurant and shop was decorated with twinkly lights and it definitely put you in the mood for Christmas, not to mention, it was snowing! Mum had booked the Market Grill for dinner. It was a very trendy restaurant with some very traditional Icelandic dishes on the menu. I wasn’t so keen on the fact that there was Horse, Puffin and Whale on offer and stuck to a vegan nut roast. I’d defiantly check this place out if you’re visiting Reykjavik, the food was lovely and a great atmosphere!


Day 2 was my birthday, we headed straight to the local bakery for breakfast – of course I had pancakes, you can’t not have pancakes on your birthday. They also made me a gorgeous birthday cake to take home and it was amazing!




After the best breakfast ever, we made our way over to the Blue Lagoon to spend the day there. I’ve wanted to go for years because of seeing it all over Instagram, it looked amazing. We decided to go for the luxury experience, just so we didn’t have to shower naked with everyone else, yep I promise! It was unbelievable. We were greeted and taken to our changing rooms that you have for 4 hours, to leave all your belongings in. You then get taken to the private lounge with complementary food and drink for the whole time you’re there, as well as massages and a private entrance into the lagoon itself. I was in my element!



When we made it out into the lagoon, it was actually snowing and the whole thing was breathtaking. Snow falling and sunshine, all whilst being in a hot lagoon and if you stood up it was -5. Sounds odd but it was amazing. You also get free drinks from the bar and 2 complementary face masks to apply while you’re in the water. They honestly make your skin glow, not sure if it was the lagoon or the masks, but something worked miracles on my skin.




After chilling out for 3 hours, we headed down to the Lava restaurant for dinner. It was such a lovely and relaxing place, people were still in their robes! We ate a mixture of the local fish, steaks and puddings, it was gorgeous. We then headed back to the apartment for more drinks and of course, a slice of birthday cake!



On our last day, Dad had been given free reign of activities, so we were woken at 7am to get on a Golden Circle bus tour. It was such a great day seeing all the waterfalls, geysers and glaciers that Reykjavik has to offer. I’d defiantly do this tour if you’re heading to Reykjavik, you get to see a bit of everything. Especially if you have limited time!





That evening we visited Matur Og Drykkur for dinner. It offers traditional Iceland cuisine within a rustic, Italian style setting. I really enjoyed this restaurant and definitely one to visit. The donuts are amazing!

After a good nights sleep, we had a 5am wake up call to head back to good old England, which was even bloody colder than Iceland when we landed, fab!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s inspired you to visit the amazing city of Reykjavik! I’d defiantly go at this time of year, as it’s just so christmassy and gorgeous.

Liss x


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