Where have I been and my plans for 2018?

With a new year comes new opportunities and I’m determined to make 2018 the best one yet!

I have made a few changes to my life recently and one involved the difficult decision to leave university, to concentrate on my dream career within the fashion industry. For a long time, I have known that fashion is where my talent and interest lies. My university course was not making me happy anymore and I had no drive to continue. I knew I needed to concentrate my driven personality into what I really wanted to do.

This year, I have already taken on a full time roll at Rocca designer womenswear boutique in Harrogate, alongside my existing styling diploma. I’m so excited about this new job and can’t wait to see what it brings!! Keep an eye out for some amazing blog posts all about designers, amazing fashion pieces and events in the store!

In terms of my blogging and social media, that have been lacking for the past few months, I plan to really focus on my content and make my blog posts better than ever! I want to bring more trend and fashion week content, brand focused content, as well as my popular high street based posts.

I know it’s cliche to go back to the gym in January but, going to the gym really helps me with my mental health and I plan to really get back in to it this year! I love seeing myself getting fitter and achieving fitness goals is so motivating. To change it up, I’m going to try different classes. I’ve already taken part in poll fitness, I absolutely love it and next up on my list is boxing! Try something different this year too and you might find something you love!

I guess this blog post is just about my fresh start in many areas of my life and I already feel so much happier. I hope it gives you the inspiration to change things in your life that may not be right for you anymore and to do whatever you can to make yourself happy! Thank you so much for reading, bring on 2018!!

Liss x

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